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For The Forensic Lab

CaseWorks for the Lab is a DEMS application configured for image management and visual documentation of case evidence within the forensic lab. Agencies often have more sophisticated image management requirements than a LIMS provides, especially for comparative science applications (latent prints, firearms/toolmarks, questioned documents). CaseWorks includes detailed auditing for all photo related records, including enhancement, access, and output. CaseWorks for the Lab unifies all departments under one image management database platform while still having the ability to share information with LIMS.  Workflow options are available to evolve the documentation and comparison of case evidence from a highly paper based process to nearly paperless. Starting with the documentation of incoming evidence to the final case notes for submission to LIMS.


CaseWorks Mobile

For Crime Scene Investigation

CaseWorks Mobile for Crime Scene Investigation can be a standalone solution or an extension to CaseWorks for the Lab. It provides the additional ability to upload, view and print images from either a desktop or from multiple mobile devices (laptop, tablet, phone) either onsite or in the field. This functionality allows easy distribution of user licenses running on various platforms (Windows, iOS, Android) for desktop or remote uploads and access of crime scene images and other digital evidence. By using a single database platform, CaseWorks Mobile can bring together the Lab and Crime Scene Investigators under one platform all with separate workflows and security privileges.