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Crime Scene Image
Managment Software

CaseWorks DEMS is a complete crime scene image management system. No more having to locate CD’S which may or may not go bad. No more having images in Windows Explorer with no auditing or limited security protection. Caseworks allows all departments involved in the investigation process (tech’s, lab personnel, investigators, attorney’s etc). Secure and centralized access to all case related images or media assets (audio, video, or 3D). CaseWorks increases mobility. Our flexible thin-client architecture allows upload, access, and printing from any computer, tablet, or smart phone.


e Latent Case
Management Software

LatentWorks provides a Systematic Latent Workflow for the Latent Examination Process. LatentWorks is designed to help Latent departments transform their older, paper based manual workflow into an electronic, paperless process. LatentWorks manages the entire process from receipt and documentation of the case evidence, evidence processing, ACE-V documentation, submission to AFIS, automated case notes all the way to final reports. LatentWorks even includes a customizable comparison workspace with powerful image enhancement filters, charting tools and vector graphics for creating incredible court exhibits.


Turn your Evidence
Images into Curriculum

Mideo has teamed up with several of the largest agencies in the country to create this comprehensive computer based Fingerprint Comparison Training Course. This blended training platform includes all course materials and exercises required to train students for real world experiences with minimal supervision required. Our powerful comparison workspace, vectormark up tools, auto grading, and reporting provide the instructor the ability to monitor student progress while working on current cases.

Mideo System’s goal is to bring a systematic, scientific approach to a complex forensic process, thereby simplifying the digital documentation and comparison of case evidence.

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