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Offering innovative imaging software solutions for forensic and law enforcement professionals.

Mideo offers a variety of solutions including CaseWorksDEMS, which is the platform for our extensive imaging software suite. It is a secure, audited (DEMS) Digital Evidence Management and Comparative Analysis software for Forensics and Law Enforcement. Within CaseWorksDEMS we offer image acquisition, audited history logs, granular security, customizable workflows, data gathering, and automated reporting of case notes. Our mission is to continue to help agencies meet the evolving quality standards of ISO 17025 accreditation requirements and OSAC standards. The tightly coupled combination of images and data management provides all of the flexibility needed for the photo documentation of forensic evidence and the comparison of impression evidence.


CaseWorks DEMS


A secure, audited Digital Evidence Management Software It is a client-server database solution that provides secure management of all case related photos, audio, and video files. Caseworks DEMS will support an enterprise level implementation supporting multiple departmental workflows. Additional modules are available for forensic analysis documentation and integration with other third party software programs (Forensic LIMS, RMS, AFIS, etc.).

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LatentWorks e LCM


A Systematic Approach to the Latent Examination ProcessMideo LatentWorks TM e-LCM provides a step by step distributed digital workflow for the examination and processing of latent print evidence. It includes an audited process to document the evidence and share the analysis and conclusions evidence between multiple examiners. LatentWorks TM employs a systematic approach, following both ISO accreditation standards and best practices within the community to integrate all the latent print workflow processes into a seamless electronic latent case management system…

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A Complete Finger Print Comparison Training CourseOur computer-based fingerprint comparison training course is a complete blended skills training program. It includes all of the lecture content, reference materials, exams and over 10,000 actual comparison examples to train new examiners to expert level. TrainingWorks is designed to allow a latent expert to work with new trainees in order to help them become proficient, while minimizing the time taken away from every day casework. It also provides the ability to monitor students progress, randomize names of comparison sample, auto grade student exams and an embedded comparison workspace for on-screen comparisons and reviews.

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GunWorks Workflow

Comprehensive Firearms and Tool Marks Documentation ModuleOur GunWorks digital workflow provides the ability for a firearms examiner to digitally document all of their case notes. Using our step by step data fields and the ability to acquire images from the comparison microscopes or form your digital SLR users can create comprehensive complete case notes that can be updated and reviewed easily. Use the same data for creating all of required case notes saving time and mistakes. Include your digital images in your reports and create a digital visual...

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EZDoc2.0 Graphic Engine for Comparative Analysis & Evidence DocumentationEZDoc2.0 streamlines comparative analysis and evidence documentation functions which can take a significant amount of time in other programs, such as 1:1 sizing, side-by- side/overlay comparisons, charting and creating court displays. These tools eliminate the need to use multiple programs dramatically improving productivity. EZDoc2.0 features an intuitive user interface with familiar tools for comparing, scaling and overlaying live images from multiple source feeds. It’s designed to run as a standalone program and does not require a full database. Images are saved into standard Windows folders

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