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Mideo has teamed up with subject matter experts in several of the largest and most experienced agencies in the country to create training and competency testing tools for the forensic latent examiner and other comparative analysis scientists. TrainingWorks is a powerful software tool providing established fingerprint experts the ability to mentor new examiners using the combination of field set data questions, hint tags, images, name randomization, mentor oversight, auto grading and reporting. TrainingWorks is designed to minimize the amount of time that an experienced examiner is taken away from case work while bringing a new trainee up to speed. It is a one of a kind solution that helps agencies in the effort to provide continuous tracking of skills improvement and competency assessment.

Features of TrainingWorks

Complete Computer-based Training Program

The Mideo Fingerprint Comparison Training Course provides out-of- the-box course materials and exercises to advance new trainees in critical analysis skills for fingerprint comparison. TrainingWorks includes classroom lecture materials and multiple packets of latent and 10 print samples for comparison training. With the powerful documentation tools instructors can monitor each student’s fingerprint evaluation process, and assess their conclusions, allowing them to tailor their training for each individual student.

Tools and Skills for Enhancement and Assessment

TrainingWorks is a blended training program of computer based exercises and classroom modules with special features that allow the instructor to monitor the student’s progress and still allows them to manage cases. All the materials are designed to be used in both a classroom and on student’s computers. The instructors can regulate their participation time dedicated to the training process allowing them to continue to conduct normal casework.

Observations to Visualize Student Thought Process

Instructors review graphic annotations on latents analyzed by students to better visualize their actual thought process, and identify any inconsistencies between examiners, either in their interpretation or documentation. This immediate feedback results in a better training process. Agencies can determine if certain testing strategies are ineffective and can clearly establish the level of proficiency of each examiner. With this knowledge specific areas can be targeted for additional training.

Superior Training Environment

The flexibility of an electronic based training program solves a number of issues. Such as the varied pace of students within a training course. The high cost of taking experienced fingerprint experts away from their work to train examiners for a year or more potentially resulting in further extending case backlogs. TrainingWorks provides a consistent training process even if instructors have different training styles. TrainingWorks helps agencies train in their own agency methods and procedures creating expert examiners.

Classroom Materials, Exams and Over 10,000 Comparisons in Exercises

The huge amount of practicum exercises within TrainingWorks, providing up to 10,000 comparisons, is specifically designed to provide experience in all types of comparisons in an increasingly more difficult program. The large amount of training materials to provide the many hours of deliberate practice necessary to become a competent fingerprint expert.

Real Time Instructor Evaluation

Electronic training provides for easy exchange of detailed information and observations on images. Trainees and trainer can communicate about the particulars in a latent, in real time, as well as share the information with multiple trainees. All trainees could be working on the same latent, with the same quality (not folded or with pin holes or degraded image quality) at the same time.

Targeted Training Modules

TrainingWorks includes a Courtroom Testimony Module with court preparation materials, moot court scripts and presentation evidence. Other modules include History, Scientific Methodology, AFIS evaluation, Ten Print/Inked Comparisons and latent analysis (ACE-V). A module unique to this curriculum is Ethical Standards and Professional Responsibility preparing the fingerprint experts for the rigor and over-sight of the modern forensic environment. Practicum modules can also be used for continuing long term proficiency and competency testing.

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